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update:June 10, 2022

Omura Aki Matsuri (Omura Autumn Festival)


Omura Aki Matsuri is held every 4th Sunday of November. Originally, there were two separate festivals, which were Omura Matsuri and Bobura Matsuri. Bobura comes from the Portuguese abobora meaning pumpkin and this festival was held in December. It focused on highlighting Omura produce and goods. Omura Matsuri was usually held in November and was an event to showcase Omura’s various district’s performing arts. Thirteen years ago it was decided to combine them, creating Omura Aki Matsuri.
In the current day Omura Aki Matsuri, Omura folk music and dances are performed. Also, local products of Omura are sold: such as farm, forest, and sea products; traditional crafts and souvenirs; and area cuisine. Omura Aki Matsuri is held in the parking lot of Sea Hat Omura next to City Hall.