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update:June 10, 2022

Omura City Hall


Omura City Hall was moved from Asahi-machi to the more commonly known area of Kushima. The new building was completed in October 1964.

City Hall is the home to many services to Omura City. Some of the more useful departments to foreigners could be foreigner registration, tourism department, school registration, public health and the international relations department. However, there are many other public services available; such as the board of education and culture, tax and pension services, park division, resident support services, sports and recreation department, and disability services.

The Explanation of the Artwork:
The artwork positioned on the right side of the outer wall of the front entrance is made of Greek marble and symbolizes the construction and development of Omura City. Ball-shaped designs within the instillation represent pearls of Omura Bay. There is also a dove holding a pearl in its bill. Both the pearls and the dove emphasize peace. Artist unknown.


1-25 Kushima Omura-shi, Nagasaki-ken 856-8686 Japan

Phone (from foreign countries):

(+81) 957-53-4111

Phone (in Japan):


FAX (from foreign countries):

(+81) 957-52-2902

FAX (in Japan):