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update:June 10, 2022

The Omura City Flower


In 1972, during the city’s 30th anniversary, by public vote and then deliberation by a selected committee, the OmuraZakura was chosen to be the symbolic flower of Omura. These kinds of cherry blossom tree, including OmuraZakura and YaeZakura, are rare due to their multi-pedaled or double flowering blossoms. Though they were known from the Meiji Era, Mr. Saburo Sotoyama discovered that the OmuraZakura was its own variety in 1941. At first glance, the blossoms appear to be one flower; however, there is an outside flower and an inside flower as if one flower blooms on top of the other. In merely one blossom, there can be between 60 to 200 petals!

Because of their rareness and beauty, two OmuraZakura, which are located to each side of the front of Omura Shinto Shrine, have been declared national natural monuments.