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update:June 10, 2022

The Omura City Anthem


Omura City Anthem was written and composed in 1952. Omura City invited public participants to write words for the anthem during the 10th anniversary of its municipality. After the best lyrics were selected by the people, Mr. Kiyoto Fukuda, an author from Omura edited and modified the winning work. After he finished the anthem, Mr. Kiyoshi Nobutoki, one of the best composers of school, company and city anthems in Japan at that time, wrote the score. The theme portrayed in the lyrics and melody is hope for harmony amongst Omura's wonderful natural scenery, old history and modern development.

『大村市史:下巻』、大村市史編纂委員会 編纂、大村市役所 発行、大村、1961年: 109頁

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・The words and alphabetic pronunciation are as follows.

Improvement and Modification

by Kiyoto Fukuda


by Kiyoshi Nobutoki


多(ta)良(ra)の(no)嶺(mine) 紫(murasaki)に(ni)お(o)い(i)

琴(koto)の(no)海(umi) 虹(niji)た(ta)つ(tsu)と(to)こ(ko)ろ(ro)


う(u)る(ru)わ(wa)し(shi)き(ki) 希(ki)望(bou)の(no)都(miyako)

大(Oo)村(mura)市(shi) 永(to)久(wa)に(ni)伸(no)び(bi)ゆ(yu)け(ke)




城(shiro)あ(a)と(to)の(no) 歴(reki)史(shi)ゆ(yu)か(ka)し(shi)く(ku)

真(ta)珠(ma)光(hika)り(ri) 花(hana)咲(sa)くところ(kutokoro)


輝(kagaya)け(ke)る(ru) 文(bun)化(ka)の(no)都(miyako)

大村市(Oomurashi) 永久に(towani)栄(saka)え(e)よ(yo)




晴(ha)れ(re)わ(wa)た(ta)る(ru) 南(nan)国(goku)の(no)空(sora)

自(ji)治(chi)の(no)旗(hata) は(ha)た(ta)め(me)くところ(kutokoro)

産(san)業(gyou)の(no)華(hana) 咲(sa)き(ki)競(kiso)い(i)

人(hito)和(wa)せ(se)る(ru) 平(hei)和(wa)の(no)都(miyako)

大村市(Oomurashi) 永久に(towani)幸(sachi)あ(a)れ(re)